Crazy Rollz Bubble Gum Rolls: 24-Piece Box by World Confections

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Fun fact: when rolled out to its full extent, each spool of Crazy Rollz Bubble Gum contains nearly two feet of tape! That’s the length of two rulers! Or the size of a small toddler. If you think about it, two feet is a lot of bubble gum. We took this idea a bit further and decided to crunch some numbers as we munched on the deliciously fruity gum (this took us a while, so luckily we also learned that two feet of gum lasts a long time!). After some exhaustive calculating, we discovered that it would take about 66 million Crazy Rollz to wrap once around the world!

And if you ask us, that seems like a perfectly reasonable amount of Crazy Rollz to have lying around. Be right back, we’ve got some world-wrapping to do.

Assorted Flavors include:

Sour Apple


Tutti Frutti

Blue Razz

Roll Diameter: 2 Inches

Display box contains 24 Crazy Rollz Bubble Gum Rolls.

Shipping Weight ~ 3 lbs.