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Whether you’re in the midst of planning your dream wedding or organizing a themed event for your company, Candy Warehouse is the reliable source for finding candy in a variety of colors. Blue candies are an excellent way to make a statement. Our selection of blue candy provides everything from nostalgic to new confections that are sure to satisfy an array of tastes. Looking for multiple shades of blue to create a stunning visual display or self-serve buffet? We also carry turquoise candy and a wide range of blue hues to suit any color scheme or palate. Explore our enchanted land of candy today!

You may already have something borrowed, but what about something blue? Your wedding day is an excellent opportunity to showcase your favorite colors, and our selection of blue and turquoise candy offers a wide range of sweet, sour, or surprising bites for any type of special event. To make the burden of organizing dessert and treats for your guests a little easier, we proudly offer candy table assortments and buffet kits for between 25 and 50 guests. These kits give you a head start on party planning and provide an assortment of gorgeous blues for baby showers, bat mitzvahs, birthdays, and other celebrations. We also supply jars, scoops, and favor bags!

Relive your childhood with the help of old-fashioned thin ribbon candy, candy powder straws, marshmallow twists, salt water taffy, buttermint creams, jelly beans, licorice, and so much more. In addition to delicious sweets, we offer healthier alternatives with our sugar-free blue candies for diabetics, health-conscious candy lovers, or reception desks at medical and dental offices. Chocolate lovers can finally rejoice because we offer scrumptious foiled chocolates in a variety of flavors and fillings.

Throw a bash to remember with blue at the forefront. Our mouthwatering selection of blue candy is easy to navigate so you can find everything you need to kick off any gathering. Simply search by flavor, theme, candy type, shape, brand, and other parameters to unlock the possibilities of satisfying your sweet tooth. If you have any questions about our selection of themed candy, please contact a member of our team so we can help you every step of the way.

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Betty couldn’t find anyone to go to her senior prom with. She just couldn’t get the guts up to ask anyone, and no one knew her well enough to ask her. She was always too busy studying. Her mother had actually suggested her cousin - a thought so dramatically horrifying that Betty immediately felt like she was in some 80’s movie with Molly Ringwald. She decided to bravely go alone.

She arrived at the prom and was shocked at how beautiful everything looked. The school had really gone all out this year, with an "everything blue" theme that matched the school’s colors. But what really caught Betty’s eye was how they decorated it- with candy! There were sweets everywhere. There were cool shaped vases all across the room filled with blue M&Ms and blue jelly beans. Blue milk chocolate stars hung like ornaments from the ceiling. Betty’s favorite was the blue basket filled with Tiffany blue milk chocolate covered malt balls because it matched the shade of her prom dress.

As she was indulging in a few malt balls, Jordan Catalano came up behind her. Jordan Catalano, the coolest guy in her math class.

"Hey, that malt ball, like, matches your dress." Betty nearly swooned.
"Yeah. Totally." She said in between chews.
"That’s, like, awesome."
"Do you want to, I dunno, dance or whatever?"

As he reached for the last malt ball, Betty snatched it herself and disappeared into the crowd, enjoying every last bite. Sometimes love just ain’t enough.