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When you think of candy, black is probably not a color that comes to mind. However, Halloween, New Years, and a few other holidays are opportunities to show off your darker side with a hint of sweetness. If you are looking for a wide selection of bulk black candy and confectioneries to pick and choose for your upcoming event or party, you have come to the right place. Candy Warehouse is the ultimate destination for candy lovers. Black is often a misunderstood color. While some may think black symbolized death, evil, and negativity, this darkest of all colors have long been associated with power, elegance, and formality. Black candy would be the perfect choice for anyone with a mysterious edge. We offer an extensive bulk black candy collection, filled with tasty treats from some of the best brands in the candy business.

Black-wrapped candies are actually very versatile when it comes to creating stunning visual presentations or build-your-own candy buffet bars. Our selection of wholesale bulk black candy includes black licorice, lollipops, candy powder straws, jelly beans, chewy sour balls, candy beads, gumballs, starlight mints, and so much more. Craving chocolate or hoping to satisfy your sweet tooth in a mouthwatering way? We proudly offer truffles, buttermint creams, peanut butter cups, chocolate kisses, caramels, mints, and more. Any of these premium ingredients would also be great for baking or inspiring dessert dishes for the whole family to love. We also offer black sprinkles and candy chips for decorating cookies with a flair. Looking for a healthier alternative? We carry many sugar-free alternatives for diabetics, health-conscious candy lovers, or reception desks at medical and dentistry offices.

In addition to supply bulk black candy, we also offer table assortments and self-serve candy buffet kits to give you a head start on your party planning, preparations, and decorations. Simply unpack the box candy, favor bags, jars, and tongs and let your guests experience the mystery, glamor, and flavor that black evokes. We carry everything you need to throw the perfect bash, including favor bags, table covers, piñatas, pom poms, and other delightful decorations. If you have any questions about our selection of wholesale black-wrapped candy, please contact a member of our team so we can help you every step of the way.

Buy Black Candy in Bulk at Candy Warehouse

Looking to add a unique touch to your graduation party?

Liven things up with a bulk black candy extravaganza. These black-wrapped candies will match your robe and hat. Think elegant black-tie Jordan Almonds, succulent black licorice cats, and downright exciting Black Swirl Lollipops. Show the world how much you’ve matured with worldly black milk chocolate lentils.

Your guests will line up to enjoy these dark black-wrapped candies and be impressed with your party planning skills. They’ll call their friends and before you know it, you’ll have the most successful graduation party out of all of your peers.

What does a black candy graduation party say about you?

You’re all business, but you know how to have fun. Innovative and organized, you’re serious about academia and about partying. A real go-getter. Your guests will say to themselves,

"This guy is going places."

Of course, then they’ll see you snorting bubbles into your chocolate milk and sigh, "Oh, well. At least he knows how to throw a great party."

Order bulk black candy for a sophisticated style at your graduation party, or other black-tie event.