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If you are searching for pinata candy, look no further than Candy Warehouse. One of the most popular attractions of any birthday party is the piñata. Although early records indicate that the piñata originated in China, folklore sources the Aztecs, Mayans, and other native communities of Mexico. They filled clay pots with "favors from the gods" and broke them with poles or sticks. Although the modern piñata is no longer a symbol of religious superstition, children carry on this tradition by consuming candy from them with great joy.

We offer a wide selection of the best fillers. Our collection is brimming with all the accessories you need to make sure your festivity goes off without a hitch. Our pinatas are colorful and imaginative, ranging in form from elephants to birthday cakes and everything in between. Browse the collection of the best candy for a pinata, including Child's Play pinata candy mix, and find all the delicious sweets and treats your little ones have been begging for.

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