Tangy Zangy Sour Wildberry Squares: 8-ounce Bag

Tangy Zangy Sour Wildberry Squares: 8-ounce Bag - Candy Warehouse

Tangy Zangy Sour Wildberry Squares: 8-ounce Bag

Item No: 133885 Brand: Tangy Zangy Type: Bite Size Flavor: Fruity Sour

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Tantalize your taste buds with Tangy Zangy sour wildberry squares, bursting with an explosion of wild berry flavor in every soft and chewy bite. These habit-forming sour candy strips are made with real fruit juice, natural color and flavors, and no fat — offering a feel-good sweet treat you won’t regret. The perfectly portioned bite-sized pieces pack a palate-pleasing combo of sweet and sour flavors and a yummy gummy texture. Four brightly colored strips in each Tangy Zangy square create an artful work of eye candy ideal for adding pizzazz to your summertime parties, picnics, and backyard barbecues. This 8-ounce bag from Candy Warehouse features a reclosable seal to help keep your bite-size candies as fresh as the day they arrive, ensuring they stay tangy, tender, and berrylicious whether you’re snacking on the go or in front of the TV.

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