Clear Plastic Flared Cylindrical Candy Container - Large by Party Darby

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Item #: 133341



Unlike your typical, straight-edged cylinders, this fellow has a real bit of flair! The shape gradually widens as it approaches the top of the bowl, making for an elegant design and much simpler candy-scooping! Perfect for treat buffets and dessert displays, this clear container holds 70oz of the delicious sweets of your choice. Sure, you could use it for flowers, but why waste such a clever design on something so mundane? Flowers are way less delicious! Feel free to augment this bowl with others of various heights and sizes to create a dessert buffet that makes for the stuff of sweet, sweet legends.

Container Dimensions-
Height: 7.5 Inches
Width (top): 7 Inches
Width (bottom): 4 Inches
Capacity: 70 Ounces

For reference, container holds about 4.3 pounds of M&M's candy.

Shipping Weight ~ 1/2 lb.