Clear Plastic Cylindrical Candy Container - Small by Party Darby

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What’s your very first thought upon spotting a shapely cylindrical jar? If it’s something along the lines of "Fill it with delicious candy!" then, good -- we’re on the same wave-length.

This clever, clear container holds 50oz of candy, and it is absolutely perfect for organizing candy displays and dessert buffets. Sure, you could fill it with flowers, but why opt for something so mundane? Those are way less delicious! And unlike any old normal jar, its nice, smooth, cylindrical shape makes it easy to reach the candy within, from the first few skims off the top down to the very last drop! Fill it with gumballs, chocolates, or whatever your sweet tooth desires, then set it up to draw oohs, aahs, and (of course), yums!

Container Dimensions-
Height: 6 Inches
Diameter (top): 5 Inches
Diameter (bottom): 4 Inches
Capacity: 50 Ounces

For reference, container holds about 2.8 pounds of M&M's candy.

Shipping Weight ~ 1/2 lb.