Chupa Chups Lollipops Assortment: 1000-Piece Case by Chupa Chups

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Enric Bernat worked at an apple jam factory in Spain in the 1950s when the inspiration to create Chupa Chups® hit him. Excited, he presented the idea to investors and they promptly left, taking their money with them. Undeterred, Bernat went on to invent the "bonbon with a stick" to save children and frustrated moms from the sticky soiled fingers that resulted from consuming traditional hard candies. Made with kids in mind, Chupa Chups® allowed for licking and looking at candies without making a mess. Genius! So is this massive bag of lollipops. Chupa Chups® Fat-Free Creamy & Fruit Lollipops are fortified with calcium and vitamins A & D. Creamy flavors may include Strawberries & Cream, Peach Yogurt, Choco-Vanilla, and Strawberry Yogurt. Fruit flavors may include Strawberry, Orange, Watermelon, and Cherry. This bulk pack may include creamy lollipops, fruit lollipops, or a mix of both types as randomly determined by the factory.

Case contains 1,000 Regular Size Assorted Chupa Chups Lollipops.

Shipping Weight ~ 30 lbs.