Chupa Chups Cremosa Lollipops - Yogurt: 40-Piece Bag by Chupa Chups

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While the true origin of yogurt isn’t entirely understood, most scientists believe it was introduced to early farming civilizations after an accidental interaction between plant bacteria and pails of milk.

Appetizing, right? Well if the idea of that has put you off of actual yogurt for the time being, you can still indulge in all the creamy, fruity, yogurty flavor you crave with these Chupa Chups Cremosa Yogurt suckers! In delicious mango and strawberry varieties, these hard candy lollipops are the sweetest way to pamper your palate with luscious taste of yogurt without even lifting a spoon!

Bag contains 40 Chupa Chups Cremosa Yogurt Lollipops.

Shipping Weight ~ 1.5 lbs.