Chuckles Originals Jelly Candy: 100-Piece Tub by Ferrara Candy Company

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It’s the original quirky quintet of Chuckles flavors, in convenient, individually wrapped pieces! Still rocking the original size, flavors, and textures they’ve been famous for since Fred W. Amend created the delicious jelly treat in 1921, these candies are infinitely more transportable, shareable, and snack-able than ever before.

Perhaps you’re notorious for picking out only one or two flavors from each pack. Maybe you’re tired of trying to save half the sweet pieces for later, only to find they have fallen out of the package. Or, conceivably, you just really, really like unwrapping candies. Well, no matter the reason, this tub of individually wrapped Chuckles is the perfect choice to satisfy all your jelly candy needs!

Flavors Include:

Tub contains 100 wrapped pieces of Chuckles Original Jelly Candy.

Shipping Weight ~ 3 lbs.