Linky Doodles Candy Chains - Christmas: 28-Piece Box by Kencraft Candy

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Did you ever make Christmas countdown chains as a child? After cutting and pasting 25 small strips of colorful construction paper into a continuous link, you hang the festive chain somewhere around the house. Then, each day, with a rush of excitement, you tear one piece off from the chain -- another day closer to Christmas!

This has always seemed like a great way to count down to the holidays, but what if we told you we’ve stumbled upon something even better? As in, every piece you tore from the chain was also edible and delicious?

That’s right folks, these red and green LinkyDoodle chains are made of none other than yummy candy cane pieces! Removing a link of this chain will actually reward you for being a day closer to Christmas with scrumptious peppermint candy! It’s going to be even harder to resist tearing off extra pieces now. And measuring in at 5.5 feet, this LinkyDoodle chain is perfect for decorating mantels or Christmas trees!

Gift box contains 28 Christmas LinkyDoodles Candy Chains pieces... that's enough to make a 5.5 foot chain!

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 1 lb. Kosher Certified.