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Choco Treasure

Choco Treasure is more than just a sweet chocolatey treat; it’s a chocolate covered egg with a surprise interactive toy inside! Under a shiny foil wrap is a plastic egg covered in real milk chocolate made from top-quality cocoa beans, and inside the egg is a fun interactive toy surprise! The toys inside Choco Treasure surprise eggs are fun, interactive, and tested safe for all ages and come in Baby Animals, Shopkins, Emoji, and PJ Masks characters. There are between 20 to 40 different figurines, puzzles, magnets, snap-on clothing buttons, slap bracelets, and memory card games in each collection, and every toy treasure is buildable, stickable, playable, or wearable! Kids will entertain themselves for hours opening each Choco Treasure egg, and you will enjoy helping them eat the pure milk chocolate shell! Collect all of these fun chocolate covered treasures with the full selection available at Candy Warehouse!
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