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Chase Candy Company

Chase Candy Company began in 1876 as a family dream to make fine-quality peanut candies and hand-dipped chocolates. With the creation of their legendary chocolate-covered cherry candy bar, this company’s dream quickly escalated to a sweet reality. Chase Candy Company Cherry Mash starts with a whipped fondant cream that is mixed with real crushed maraschino cherries to form a delicate center. It is then coated with two layers of chocolate infused with fresh, ground, roasted peanuts, and wrapped in a classic red and white package. This confection is a real cherries jubilee of flavor for those who love the taste of luscious fruit and rich chocolate, and also comes in Mini Mash, a smaller version that is a tiny treasure of cherry-filled delight. When you are searching for a taste experience that is time-honored and legendary, find these classic treats fresh and full of flavor at Candy Warehouse!
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