Charms Easter Blow Pop Minis Snack Size Packs: 30-Piece Bag by Charms

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Here’s the thing about lollipops -- we love them dearly, but sometimes enjoying one can be a challenge. Sure, candy on a stick is convenient most of the time, but upon occasion, we find it’s nearly impossible to enjoy the sweets while still carrying out certain tasks. Say, for example, someone asks you to carry around few Easter baskets. Well, you’re going to need both hands for that. Are you trying to dye Easter eggs? Ah, a two-handed task, again! Maybe you’re driving to Easter brunch? Oye, no room for a lollipop between your hands and the steering wheel. The minutes you must wait before being able to enjoy a lollipop are excruciating!

That’s why, this Easter, you should do yourself a favor and free up your hands with Charms Blow Pop minis! These tasty treats are just like their lollipop brethren -- delicious fruity hard candies with yummy, pink bubblegum at the center -- but unlike those suckers, they’re completely free of any cumbersome stick business! It’s all the great taste and bubblegum fun of original blow pops, in bite-size mini form!

Assorted Flavors:
Blue Razz
Sour Apple

Bag contains 30 packs of Easter Charms Blow Pop Minis Candy.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 3/4 lb.