Charms Super Blow Pops - Caramel Apple: 48-Piece Box by Charms

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Just like all good caramel apples, these beauties come on a stick. And, also like all good caramel apples, these shiny delicacies are utterly delicious. But they have something the normal version tends to lack -- a hard candy outside and a chewy gum interior, that is!

These delightful MEGA sized Blow Pops are actually tri-tiered suckers, starting off with a fancy caramel flavored outer coat, which is quickly followed by a delectable layer of green appley goodness, just like the actual version! But the real fun lies in the center -- as promised by the Blow Pop name, once you bite down, you’re greeted by a fantastic burst of sweet green apple bubblegum! The fun never stops with Blow Pops.

Display box contains 48 wrapped Caramel Apple Charms Super Blow Pops.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 4 lbs.