Canel's Miniature Chewing Gum: 320-Piece Bag by Canels

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When you receive this bag of Canel’s chewing gum and grab one out of the 320 pieces included, you might have a few questions. Lucky for you, we’ve covered the basics.

Although it might seem as though you’ve had a growth spurt with your new giant hands, you haven’t. In fact, your hands aren’t giant at all, but these miniature pieces of chewing gum are super small. You haven’t stepped into some magical realm. It’s just the flavor seeping out of every white rectangle is like a real bite of juicy fruit. And yes your eyesight is working just as well as it was yesterday. It’s simply a new vintage looking wrapper that might possibly make you think otherwise. Great for piñatas, lunches, and gift bags, add this bag to your collection of candy.

Bag contains 320 pieces of Canel's Minature Chewing Gum.

Made in Mexico.

Shipping Weight ~ 1 lb.