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Candy Gag Gifts

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Candy is dandy, but it is always better with a weird twist. Our weird candy collection is packed with oddball snacks and edible treats that are perfect for sharing or saving for a rainy day. Beyond the best brand names and mouthwatering treats, our selection of novelty candy provides diversity. Here, you can find tequila worm lollipops, candy cigarettes, gherkin pickles, twisted taffy, wildly wonderful jelly beans, and so much more. Explore our selection today to find candy gag gifts for every kind of celebration.

Looking for funny edible gifts? Look no further. Mad scientists will love our sour liquid candy kits and sour powder candy test tubes. Nurses of all kinds will laugh at the sight of our medical-themed funny candy, like gummy or chocolate first aid bandages and liquid candy urine samples. Give your favorite teacher a smile with the Shakespearean insult bubblegum set or any of our other funny candy gag gifts. Keep your taste buds busy and slightly freaked out with gross candy like a toilet lollipop or gummy internal organs. Vampires and werewolves are the rage this year, and what better way to show off your immortal know-how than with mini blood bags or liquid candy pouches?

Even the spookiest time of the year is made sweeter by terrifying treats for all the kiddies. Browse our selection of crazy candy to stock up on bug snack packs or scorpion suckers in various flavors. Worm snack packs come with three mouth-watering flavors: barbecue, cheddar cheese, and Mexican spice. Entomologists can’t get enough of our cricket snack packs, so maybe the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood will love them too. Try one or try them all in bacon and cheese, salt and vinegar, or sour cream and onion. We also carry chocolate-covered insects, realistic gummy earthworms, and other gag candy that will surely give any unsuspecting ghoul, witch, vampire, or zombie a fright.

Novelty candy is perfect for decorating any themed occasion or self-serve buffet table. Make it easy and get a head start on party planning by buying funny candy as edible gifts for your next event! By registering an account today, you can store multiple shipping addresses and track orders with ease. You can also sign up for our newsletter to receive delicious deals and jolly jokes. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Go on… make ‘em squeal. From blood to boogers and scabs to scat (aka doo doo), you’re going to find something sweet in our selection of crazy candy to freak out everyone on your list. Perfect for gag gifts and parties for rowdy boys, pick up packs of gummy bugs for a mild taunt or get your hands on actual candy-covered insects and host your own extreme reality show challenge.
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