Charms Super Blow Pops - Candy Corn: 48-Piece Box by Charms

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Candy corn is a Halloween staple, but we typically expect it to come in its standard kernel-shaped form. So what are we to do when it changes shape on us? Well… eat it, probably.

And you will, too, once you meet these rotund delights! Each MEGA sized Blow Pop isn’t exactly formed into your typical candy corn shape, but it does rock a beautiful, butterscotchy candy corn taste of which we just can’t get enough! Bright and fun to eat, they come in sparkly corn colors, and once you get through that amazing hard candy exterior, you can expect to be met with a fabulous bubblegum center! These oversized suckers are more than enough candy corn to keep your taste buds satisfied this holiday season -- the fun never stops with Blow Pops!

Display box contains 48 wrapped Candy Corn Charms Super Blow Pops.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 4 lbs.