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Candy Cigarettes and Cigars

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Though controversial today, confectionery cigarettes and cigars were once one of the most popular after-school treats among children who grew up during the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. Back then, smoking was not seen as a health concern, and parents saw no problem in letting their children pretend they were smoking. The chalky candy sticks were originally made in bubblegum or chocolate flavors, before being wrapped in paper to closely resemble traditional packs of smokes. Candy cigarettes might have waned from public popularity, but they are perfect for retro parties or old-fashioned soirees. Not a fan of smoke? Stock up on candy cigars for bachelor parties, weddings, or any special occasion worth celebrating. Explore our selection today to find edible treats or gifts.

Ready to join the likes of John F. Kennedy, Sammy Davis Jr., and Ernest Hemmingway? Our candy cigars are available in bubblegum or foiled milk chocolate varieties. Now, you can blow impressive sugary spheres without an ounce of guilt. Bubblegum cigars are sure to be a conversation starter at weddings, birthdays, or parties. Indulge in something sinfully delicious by swapping your classic Cuban for a milk chocolate cigar. Each delectable display box features 24 foil-wrapped cigars for your snacking pleasure.

Hosting a party with old-fashioned sweets at the forefront? Our 24-piece box of candy cigarette packs may be just the solution you need to satisfy the masses. Candy cigarettes offer a melt-in-your-mouth kind of texture and chalky sweet goodness that will keep you coming back for more. Every box contains 24 packs, and each pack contains 10 candy cigarette sticks for snacking or sharing. We do not warrant that these cigarettes are perfect due to the manufacturing process as well as shipping. We will not be held responsible for size, shape, length, or broken pieces. If you have any questions about this selection, please contact a member of our team for further assistance or additional information.
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A classic old fashioned treat, candy cigarettes make great accessories for retro parties and events featuring James Dean style and greasers from the 1950's... simply roll up a pack in your white t-shirt sleeve, slick back your hair, sling your leather jacket over your shoulder, and hit the road on your Harley. They're also great for cigarette girls offering concessions at vintage themed functions for veterans, the Moose Lodge, the Rotary Club, etc.
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