Candy Bags with Handles - Navy Blue: 12-Piece Pack by Party Darby

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Think about what it must have been like in the early era of mankind: Cave people wandering around, carrying their berries all tied up willy-nilly in animal skins and constantly dropping everything because their hands couldn’t feasibly hold the entire load. It would have been so inconvenient to transport food back then!

But one day, an innovative cave person found a sturdy piece of hide, looped it through a hole in the animal skins, and created something that would go down in history as the most useful treat-toting tool of all time -- a bag with handles!

Alright, we don’t know if that’s the true story behind the idea of handled bags, but it sounds likely, doesn’t it? And no matter what the origin, we’ve come a long way since the original, animal skin designs our ancestors probably used. Take this fashionable navy blue variety, for instance -- its bold color and convenient handles make it perfect for filling with candy, toting about, and displaying all sorts of goodies! But no matter the fancy patterns, materials, or colors we incorporate today, the idea still holds true -- handled bags are clearly the most stylish and advantageous choice for holding and transporting treats. So give your candy bags extra swag; chose the sort with handles!

Bag Dimensions-
Height (without handles): 8.5 Inches
Total Height: 12 Inches
Width: 5.125 Inches
Depth: 3.25 Inches

Pack contains 12 Navy Blue Candy Bags with Handles.

Shipping Weight ~ 1 lb.