Campfire Mini Marshmallows - White: 16-Ounce Bag by Campfire

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All marshmallows are not created equal. Take these minis, for example -- unlike their bigger brothers, these tiny treats don’t fare well in a campfire. But they still pack a ton of marshmallowy goodness in itty bitty bite-size form!

Not only are these sweet little things are perfect in hot cocoa, they also make ideal ammo for our Marshmallow Shooters. Consider yourself warned though--make sure you load your Shooter fast, because these delicious mini marshmallow candy bullets are so tempting they might just disappear into your mouth before you get a chance to load your weapon!

Bag contains 16 ounces of White Mini Marshmallows... that's about 750 pieces.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 1 lb.