Butterfields Buds Hard Candy - Lemon: 1LB Bag by Butterfields

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Taking a lick of a Butterfield Lemon Bud is like sipping a cool glass of hand squeezed lemonade with a quirky coconut twist! Pop a candy on your tongue and instantly transport your palate to a summer afternoon, swinging on the front porch of a sunshine speckled deck. So refreshing it will make you smile -- close your eyes and you can almost feel the nice summer breeze in every bite.

Butterfields believes that good, old fashioned taste can only be created the good, old fashioned way! Though the process takes a bit more time and a lot more effort, the exceptional flavors make the whole candy-making method well worth it. Each delightful candy bud is made with the delicate essences of fruit nectar. Under the careful eyes of master confectioners, a sliver of coconut is nestled into each piece, which is then touched off with a sweet dusting of sugar. Finally returned to shelves after a three year hiatus, Butterfield’s Hard Candies are back -- as perfect as ever!

Bag contains 1 pound of Lemon Butterfields Buds Hard Candy... that's about 90 pieces.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 1.5 lbs.