Hot Tamales Candy

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Candy Warehouse is always carefully curating our inventory to include all the treats our customers love. While some have a sweet tooth, others have a spicy side just waiting to be let loose. HOT TAMALES® have been setting taste buds aflame since 1950 when they were first introduced by Just Born Quality Confections. Since then, these masterful candy makers have invented countless ways to scorch their loyal following. Shop from our selection today to stock up for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, or anytime snacking. Remember to register your account while you shop, so you can store multiple addresses and track orders with ease. You can also sign up for our newsletter to receive delicious deals and jolly jokes.

Try the latest twist on the classic HOT TAMALES® candy by trying their TROPICAL HEAT® candies. Each theater pack contains fabulously fruity flavors, such as Mango Tango, Limon Fever, and Pineapple Picante, that deliver a burst of sweet heat with each and every bite. Even their latest cinnamon apple candies are fat-free and gluten-free, so you can grab another handful without an ounce of guilt. Some like it hot, and some like it even hotter. You haven’t known heat until you have tasted 3 ALARM candies. Each pack contains an assortment of three levels of tongue-scorching spicy cinnamon flavor.

Hosting a party with an assortment of fiery personalities? Make any occasion one worth celebrating by picking up a giant party pack of HOT TAMALES® candy. Each giant party box contains 1.5 pounds of flavored chewy candies, which is perfect for sharing with a large group or saving for a rainy day. You can never go wrong with a classic such as licorice. HOT TAMALES® offers a unique and surprising twist of beloved licorice bites with the fiery cinnamon flavor of their signature chewy candies. They taste so good that once you recover, we're willing to bet you'll find yourself reaching for more.

In addition to snack packs and theater boxes, we also offer a variety of unwrapped HOT TAMALES® candy in bulk. Stock up on the original candies or opt for their cinnamon jelly beans instead. If you have any questions about our HOT TAMALES® collection, please contact one of our candy experts today for further assistance. At any time, you can use our online chat support to speak to one of our representatives directly.