Booze Drops

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No glass, no problem with a handful of Booze Drops candy from Candy Warehouse! A purely adult confection, this liquor candy is made with real alcohol throughout each piece, so every second of sweet enjoyment packs a little punch. Flavored in all your favorites like Brandy Coffee, Rose Rum, Tequila Lemon, Bourbon Whiskey, and Vodka Mint, these hard candies make a welcomed gift next time you’re crashing a friend’s party! Are you looking for more novelty to bring to the soiree? Try a box of absinthe Booze Drops for a unique taste that will really get the party started! Each piece features up to 3 percent of alcohol by volume, and flavors are available individually in seven-piece boxes or a handy six-pack gift box assortment of all the top-shelf spirits. Bottoms up!