Brach's Peppermint Star Brites Mints Candy: 300-Piece Bag by Brach's

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Star light, Star Brite, best mint I see tonight; I wish I may, I wish I might, have myself another bite.

That’s the little nursery rhyme we at CandyWarehouse grew up reciting after dinner each evening. (Hey, we work with candy for a reason!) Made with high grade sweet peppermint oil, each peppy, pinwheel-striped mint provides a long lasting, rich, and authentic minty flavor, perfect for hitting the sweet spot after a meal. Just one lick of these red and white hard candy delicacies will easily demonstrate why Brach’s is known for making America’s favorite mint!

Mint Diameter: 7/8 Inch

Bag contains 300 pieces of twist wrapped Brach's Peppermint Star Brites Mints Candy.

Shipping Weight ~ 4 lbs.