Brach's Bunny Basket Marshmallow Easter Eggs: 9-Ounce Bag by Brach's

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Manufacturer no longer offers this candy unwrapped. Find the only option available at this link: Wrapped Brach's Marshmallow Eggs

Remember when you were a kid? You always counted down the days to your family’s annual Easter Egg Hunt with such anticipation. Sure, it was nice to have everyone get together and reminisce, but you were there for just one reason: the Brach’s Bunny Basket Eggs. They were there every year in all of their resplendent pastel beauty, so easy to find, and so hard to resist. You just couldn’t seem to get enough of that semi-hard candy shell, stuffed with sugary marshmallow stuff that tasted like pure magic.

And now you get to relive that blissful nostalgia all over again with the same jumbo-sized, dreamy-centered jellybeans you grew up with, but never grew out of. The irresistible, colorful, habit-forming Easter favorite is back!

Egg Dimensions-
Length: 1 3/4 Inch
Width: 1 Inch

Bag contains 9 ounces of unwrapped Old Fashioned Marshmallow Easter Eggs... that's about 18 pieces.

Made by Brach's Confections.

Shipping Weight ~ 3/4 lb.