Brach's Filled Red Raspberries Hard Candy: 9.5-Ounce Bag by Brach's

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Item #: 125252



The debate continues as to the proper way to consume Brach’s Filled Red Raspberry Hard Candy. Some will prolong the pleasure by allowing the entire hard candy shell to slowly dissolve on the palette before indulging in the soft raspberry center. Others eschew this approach in favor of instant gratification. This less disciplined ilk go straight for the sweet joy of the chewy center with one crunchy bite. We at CandyWarehouse are of the opinion that, whichever way you choose to enjoy this confection, the end result will be delicious.

Candy Diameter: 3/4 Inch

Bag contains 9.5 ounces of Brach's Filled Raspberries Hard Candy.

Shipping Weight ~ 1 lb.

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