Brach's Fiesta Malted Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs - Pastels: 20-Piece Bag by Brach's

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All it takes is a bite into one of these Fiesta Malted Milk Chocolate Eggs and -- poof -- there’s a party on your tongue. The flecks of color against soft pastel hues are the maracas creating a rhythm to dance to. The malt core creates the atmosphere with its unique crunchy texture. And the layer of milk chocolate? That’s all the fun you’re having from the scrumptious cocoa flavor. Viva La Flavorful Fiesta!

Egg Length: 1 Inch

Bag contains 6.5 ounces of Brach's Fiesta Malted Milk Chocolate Pastel Easter Eggs... that's about 20 pieces.

Shipping Weight ~ 1/2 lb.