Birth Announcement Lollipops - Boy Blue: 25-Piece Bag by Party Darby

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It’s inevitable. Your family and friends are going to squeal, coo, tickle, and make kissy faces at your bouncing baby boy as soon as you bring him home. From then on, you won’t have a moment’s peace. They’ll be like a baby-crazed mob of adoring nannies, all hopped up on baby powder and tearless shampoo. You may have to beat them off with sticks, and if you’re going to use sticks, you might as well use the kind that are attached to these jubilant, baby blue lollipops. Since they’re individually wrapped in "It’s a Boy!" wrappers, they also work great as announcements for the family and friends who can’t mob your living room in person… and you really owe it to them for not contributing to the chaos.

Bag contains 25 Blue Birth Announcement Candy Lollipops.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 1/2 lb.