Brandy Booze Drops Hard Candy: 7-Piece Box by Booze Drops

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Brandy, as it’s known today, first appeared in the 12th century, but its invention was actually kind of an accident. Originally, merchants began distilling wine as a method of preserving the beverage for long periods of time, as well as a way to make it easier for merchants to transport the drink. It was assumed that the water removed by the distillation could be added back shortly before consumption, but was soon discovered that the composition of the resulting beverage (brandy) was fundamentally altered from its original state (wine), and the taste was quite far removed from that of the original as well. Though luckily, merchants also discovered that storing the new beverage in wooden casks for longer periods of time greatly improved its taste, and by the 14th century, brandy had become a popular drink in its own right.

Now experience the high class taste of the classic evening digestif in a delectable and innovative old fashion hard candy form! Whether you prefer your brandy neat or on the rocks, you’ll love these Brandy Booze Drops. They’re perfect for theme parties or as a gift for the brandy connoisseur in your life!

Note: Brandy Booze Drops contain real alcohol, so remember to consume responsibly! Must be 21 or older to purchase. Women who are pregnant or may become pregnant should not consume this product.

Box contains 7 pieces of Brandy Booze Drops.

Shipping Weight ~ 1/2 lb.