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Bogdon candy sticks are light and airy mint sticks flavored with real oil of peppermint, and double dipped in rich, dark chocolate. Initially invented for a wedding almost a century ago, these mint reception candy sticks are the candies your guests will rave about long after the lights of the reception hall go dim. Not just for weddings, Bogdon candy sticks from Candy Warehouse also come in Fruit Twist flavor as well as individually wrapped “Thank You” chocolate-dipped mini sticks that make fabulous parting gifts for guests at dinner parties or customers at an office or retail store. Christmas cheer is extra special with a red and white striped mini chocolate-dipped peppermint stick in your hot cocoa or stuffed in stockings for a sweet surprise from Santa! When planning a wedding, holiday party, or a lavish event, you can’t go wrong with these classically elegant treats!
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