Bob's Sweet Stripes Chocolate Mint Soft Candy Sticks Bundles: 20-Piece Display by Bob's Candy

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When you get a hold of this bundle of Bob’s Sweet Stripes, you’ll be prone to stick your nose in the air. But it won’t be because you’ve turned into a haughty individual. It will be because you’ll be consumed by the mint chocolate aroma wafting from these sticks in shades of cocoa, dark brown, and green hues. We’ve found it to be so strong that it can make the most disciplined monk break concentration. And it only gets better because the intensity of the flavor matches. Perfect for morning coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, add this enhancing stick to the brew. It’s destined to take your favorite drink to a new level.

Stick Dimensions-
Length: 4 Inches
Diameter: 3/8 Inch

Display box contains 20 Bob's Sweet Stripes Chocolate Mint Soft Candy Stick Bundles, each with a net weight of 5 ounces (about 10 sticks).

Shipping Weight ~ 6 lbs. Kosher Certified.