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Weird Christmas Candy

At CandyWarehouse.com, candy is even dandier when it’s strange. Each year, the most beloved brands in Christmas confections look for innovative ways to keep our taste buds begging for more. We offer a wide assortment of weird Christmas candy to keep the children occupied and the adults satisfied on Christmas day. Holiday candy comes in all sorts of flavors, shapes, and themes these days. Join us as we explore some of the unique ways you can delight the little ones as well as loved ones at every age.

foiled-milk-chocolate-coal-bag-129545Everyone knows that children on the naughty list get coal for Christmas. Follow through with your promise as part of an inside joke by giving your kids some of Santa’s black bubble gum. This classic sack of bubble gum coal may even dye their mouths black for the rest of the day. While considering weird Christmas candy options, have you ever stopped to ponder rocks? Probably not. Aside from the traditional lump of coal, you can give your kids a fright by stuffing their stockings with Christmas chocolate rocks.

Speaking of weird Christmas candy, have you seen all the latest candy cane flavors? The sizzling trend for salt-cured meat has been going strong for a while now, and bacon-flavored candy canes show no signs of slowing down this holiday season. Wasabi candy canes are perfect for sushi lovers, and our gravy candy canes are perfect for anyone who could use a second serving. There’s an ancient German tradition of hiding a pickle in the boughs of a Christmas tree. Although the idea of hiding a pickle might seem silly, you can decorate your tree with pickle candy canes and save them for snack time when all the sweets have been devoured.

Most holiday buffs fill up with glee at the sound of their favorite Christmas poem by Clement Clarke Moore. "A Visit from St. Nicholas" can stir memories of fighting sleep in anticipation of Santa and his bag of toys. But, Moore really throws us a curveball with sugar plums. What are they? The truth may surprise you, because sugar plums aren’t plums at all! Sugar plums were originally made as comfit, or hard candies made of nuts, seeds, or bits of spices that are coated in sugar. Our sugar plum gumdrops are sure to be a big hit at your holiday party this year. If you have any questions about weird Christmas candy, please contact a member of our team for additional information.
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