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Supplying Candy for Horses

Candy for horses.Millions of Americans enjoy a bit of candy every day, but it might not seem likely that our four-legged friends are able to partake in the simple pleasure of snacking. As it turns out, horses are receptive to peppermint and other sweets. If you plan on supplying candy for horses, there are many important considerations to keep in mind. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at what snacks are acceptable for horses to eat, as well as some tips to having safe snack times. Join us as we explore the wild world of horse snacks.

Guide to Supplying Candy for Horses
Peppermint has been popular among horsemen for many years, when they would disguise drinking water to trick their horses into thinking the water was familiar to them. Peppermint sticks have also been used by equestrian riders and showmen, as a practice of training by reward. Similarly, horses who don’t share the same enthusiasm for peppermint have shown an affinity for other bite-sized morsels. Some horse owners have fed root beer barrels, licorice, pumpkin candy corn, and other implausible sweets to their horses. Chocolate, on the other hand, is toxic and off limits.

When supplying candy for horses, you have to be careful of what you choose and how much you feed to your horse. Some mints contain sucrose-like sugars that, when absorbed by a horse’s small intestine, are absorbed as fructose and glucose. As a part of the cell entry process, glucose instigates the release of insulin. Fructose, on the other hand, is absorbed in the liver and can lead to an increased production of fat. Over-consumption of simple sugars can lead to equine gastric ulcer syndrome, laminitis, insulin resistance, and other conditions. However, it is unlikely that a horse can overdose on the ingredients found in peppermint products, according to equine nutrition experts. In moderation, peppermint sticks and some of the other snacks we’ve mentioned are unlikely to cause a substantial glucose spike.


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