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Summer Candy Favorites

Summer is a time of year when everyone feels a little more like a kid! Whether you are an actual kid or not, we aren’t judging you if you sneak in a few extras of your summer candy favorites when no one is looking. Whether you are stocking up for a get together on a grand scale or just restocking your candy stash for the season, we have you covered with all the sugary goodness your little heart can handle this summer!

Summer CandyCotton Candy

You can’t talk about summer candy favorites and not mention the king of them all. Cotton candy is literally delicious sugar carefully spun into a fluffy airy delight. What’s not to love? This is the epitome of a great sweet treat for summer.

Gummy Sharks

Are you afraid of what’s in the water after watching one too many Shark Week shows? Bite back against the sharks with shark gummies! This is one of the best summer candy favorites because when else in the year will you want to bite the head of a delicious shark as a socially acceptable thing? These are great as treats for the little ones and perfect for use in adult fruit punch bowls! Sink your teeth into these before they return the favor.

Sugar Daddy

Ahh, caramel on a stick. This sweet summertime treat is a classic for good reason. It gives that old-time charm of classic caramel in a form that is easy to eat on the go. These are loved by candy fans of all ages for the sweet caramel goodness in stick form.

Beach Ball Gumballs

Summer is the perfect time to hit the beach but not without your beach ball gumball! These fun treats are fun and festive making them great for that beach themed shindig or just gum chewing with a summer vibe.

Pixy Stix

The days are longer in summer which means you need more sugar to stay awake to see those beautiful summer sunsets. At least that’s what we are going with to help feed our Pixy Stix fix during the summer. This sugary delight is one of the top summer candy favorites thanks to the sweetness, fruity flavors, and the fun packaging.

Cracker Jack

Take me out to the ball field, take me out to the game! Summer and baseball go together perfectly and when you throw Cracker Jack in the mix, you have the ultimate summertime trio. This caramel covered popcorn is a mainstay all summer long whether you are at the field playing or just watching the game at home.
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