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St. Patrick's Day and Green Candy

St. Patrick’s Day might be an Irish holiday, but this festive occasion is celebrated around the world. The holiday was first recognized and observed during the seventeenth century, to commemorate the life and death of the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. Today, rivers run green with dye and pubs are filled with green beer. However, most people don’t know how or why green became associated with St. Patrick’s Day. Here at Candy Warehouse, we were curious too, so we broke out the history books and started digging. Join us as we take a walk down memory lane to learn more St. Patrick’s Day and its ties to the color green. Keep reading to learn more.
St. Patrick’s Day and the Color Green
Some people believe that the rolling landscape of the Emerald Isle is the reason that green is the most popular color, but the origin of green can actually be traced to Ireland’s history. St. Patrick, born Maewyn Succat, was kidnapped by Irish pirates when he was a teenager and held prisoner for six years. He slaved as a shepherd and learned the Irish language before attempting to escape so he could return home to Roman Britain.

However, St. Patrick was captured by the French this time. During his second captivity, Patrick studied Christianity and monasticism. He was eventually released and sent back to Britain. Upon his return, Patrick claimed to have a vision. His purpose in life was to teach the people of Ireland all about Christianity. He began gaining followers and was successful in spreading ideologies across the Irish mainland for many years.

Irish folklore tells of St. Patrick banishing all the snakes from Ireland. He is also credited with popularizing the most predominant symbol of Irish culture: the shamrock. He used the three-leafed plant to teach the concept of the Holy Trinity to his Irish followers. Three was already a sacred number to Celtic cultures, so Patrick’s use of the shamrock was highly successful. The tradition of Saint Patrick’s Day began to take place on the anniversary of Patrick’s death.

Green really grew in association because of the Irish Rebellion, when soldiers wore green uniforms as they fought off the British. Until that point, and even after, blue was the primary color of Ireland, Henry VIII, and the Order of St. Patrick.

Green Candy for Saint Patrick’s Day
Whether you’ve been given the green light to plan your company’s St. Patrick’s Day party or you’re stocking up on sweets in advance of the holiday, we are here to help. Green candies are aplenty, and there are a wide variety of options available to you. Host the best St. Patrick’s Day party yet by exploring some of our top candy picks.

You can create a vibrant candy display that would impress even a leprechaun with gold foiled milk chocolate coins or gold mine bubblegum satchels. Accessorize your dessert table with light or dark green rock candy crystal sticks. Short on time? Let us cover the design element of your candy bar. Our DIY green candy buffet kits are perfect for 25 to 50 guests, and we thought of everything! Each kit includes a variety of lollipops, jelly beans, gummies, hard candy sticks, and much more, as well as candy containers, tongs, scoops, and bags. If you have any questions about this article or would like help finding green candies for your upcoming event, please contact us today for further assistance.
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