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Spring Candy

Spring CandyCandyWarehouse.com loves all kinds of seasonal candy, but the springtime really knows how to keep our taste buds begging for more. When we think of spring, delicate butterflies and pretty pastels come to mind. However, there’s a lot more to spring than just butterflies and pastels. You can create a stunning dessert table or candy bar with the help of edible animals and flowers. There are a wide variety of candies that celebrate all the magic of springtime. Keep reading to learn more about Spring Candy and gain inspiration for your upcoming party or Easter celebration.

Spring Candy for Every Occasion
We’ll start with the butterflies, because these winged creatures are some of the most popular symbols for spring and warmth. Butterflies begin to emerge as the temperatures rise above 60 degrees or so, and their patterns vary in color and shape. Welcome all those warm-weather friends with a display of beautiful candy butterflies. Gummy butterflies are perfect for snacking, and they come in an assortment of bright colors and sizes to choose from. Foiled chocolate butterflies are perfect for chocolate lovers, and each giant butterfly tub contains 40 foiled chocolates to enjoy.
Spring Candy
Most people might associate bunnies with Easter, but these furry creatures of the forest are busiest during the spring and summer. Flower lollipops are perfect for decorating dessert displays or sharing with friends. You might also want to include a variety of pastel marshmallow eggs, which are shaped and speckled to look just like the real deal. If you need something chocolate to satisfy guests with a different kind of sweet tooth, try foiled milk chocolate ladybugs.

Animals, birds, and bugs aren’t the only creatures to emerge come springtime. Blooming flowers will look beautiful as part of any self-serve candy station. Foiled milk chocolate pansies will add a pop of color to any candy-themed décor. Provide a tingling alternative to guests with a soft spot for sour treats by stocking up on SweeTARTS® candy flowers.

When it comes to springtime, the candy possibilities are endless. If you have any questions about candy animals or flowers, please contact us today for additional information or further assistance. The candy experts are here to help!
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