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PANTONE® is known throughout the world as the standard language for color communication across a wide variety of industries. Since 2000, they have announced a limited-edition Color of the Year. The chosen color guides fashion designers, florists, and other consumer-oriented companies in future planning and production trends. 2018’s Color of the Year is – drumroll please – Ultra Violet! PANTONE® purportedly chose this provocative shade of purple to honor pop stars such as Prince and David Bowie, symbols of counterculture, unconventionality, and creativity. Ultra Violet also inspires awareness, exploration, and potential in times that require great lengths of imagination. Even in complex times such as these, you can make life little sweeter with the help of candy. CandyWarehouse.com introduces the PANTONE® candy kit for all of life’s occasions and special moments. Keep reading to learn more about decorating with colorful candy at the forefront of your next event.

Pantone-Ultraviolet-blog2Purple Confections and Party Supplies
Like Prince and David Bowie, you too can party like a rock star if your dessert table is primed with purple treats to satisfy every kind of sweet tooth. Start with candies that double as edible decorations, such as lollipops, gumballs, thin ribbon candy, foiled chocolate roses, sugar candy beads, jelly beans, licorice laces, and much more.

Hosting a wedding or bridal shower? Ultra Violet has long been thought to inspire connection and community. Jordan almonds are a popular party favor for weddings of all kinds, but you might also want to serve rock candy crystals, salt water taffy, sugar plums, nonpareil mints, or candy sprinkles on your big day.

If you are short on time or in a rush, you can save yourself time and energy by letting us cover the design element of your event. Our purple candy table assortments and self-serve candy buffet kits are perfect for 25 to 50 people and include all the serving essentials you need in one all-inclusive package.

Other Colors in the PANTONE® Candy Kit
Within the last 18 years, Pantone’s limited-edition color selections have varied from light blue to bright red and back again. Choosing candy by color can be fun and easy by using the PANTONE® candy kit. Shopping for candy with a specific color scheme in mind can be useful for conferences, trade shows, and other corporate events, as well as anniversaries, baby showers, birthday parties, graduation parties, retirements, and so much more. No matter what time of the year it is, holidays and festive occasions can always use a pop of color.

If you don’t have a color scheme in mind, take a closer look at PANTONE® colors of recent years to find inspiration. Our blue candy collection is filled with sweets that will coordinate with Cerulean, Aqua Sky, Turquoise, or Serenity. Our green candy collection provides plenty of options to incorporate Emerald or Greenery into your desserts and decorations. Our pink candy collection will have you blushing in shades of Fuchsia Rose, Honeysuckle, or Rose Quartz because of your sugar rush. Look for candies close to True Red, Chili Pepper, or Tangerine Tango by exploring our red candy collection.

Don’t forget to stop by our purple candy collection, so you can stay ahead of the curve this year by stocking up on Ultra Violet candies and foiled chocolates. If you have any questions about our PANTONE® candy kit, please contact us today for additional information or further assistance.
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