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New Candy for 2018

Celebrating the holidays or stocking up for all the snack times ahead? It’s never a bad idea to keep candy on hand for those days you may need an extra boost. CandyWarehouse.com provides one of the largest online candy collections on the market. Our lives may revolve around sweet confection, but we know just how difficult it can be to keep up with all the latest and greatest candy trends. Join us as we take a closer look at new candy for 2018, so you can take on the new year and plan ahead with complete confidence. Keep reading to learn more!

Foiled Milk Chocolate Roses - Red: 20-Piece BouquetTrend Alert: New Candy for 2018

Bazooka’s Baby Bottle Pop®: Looking for a mouth-tingling, crackling treat? Look no further than the Bazooka’s new Baby Bottle Pop® Lollipop with Popping Powder. These bottle-shaped lollipops now include four individually wrapped pouches, so you can share if you’re feeling generous. Flavors include blue raspberry, strawberry, and watermelon.

Hershey’s Gold: Hershey® is best-known for their mouthwatering milk chocolate bars, but something is changing this year. Hershey® recently announced the latest candy bar to join their global selection: Hershey’s Gold. This all-new candy bar is made from crème that has been caramelized and mixed with bits of peanut and pretzel. This new addition to the brand’s legacy is affectionally called "the fourth kind of Hershey bar."

Hershey’s Cookie Layer Crunch Bar: Hershey® announced the release of their Cookie Layer Crunch candy bars back in 2016, but the only three flavors available were Caramel, Mint, and Vanilla Crème. Their new Triple Chocolate Cookie Layer Crunch Bar consists of chocolate cookie bits in chocolate crème, coated entirely in milk chocolate. This thick candy bar achieves a perfect balance between crunchy and silky for anytime snacking with a decadent twist.

Kinder Joy: Kinder® sells approximately three-and-a-half billion of their chocolate eggs each year, but none of those eggs have been sold in the United States, until now. Departing slightly from their ever-popular Kinder Surprise, they proudly present the Kinder Joy to the U.S. market. The Kinder Joy separates the traditional toy from the candy in two halves. One half contains milk-crème and cocoa flavoring with wafer bites, while the other contains a surprise toy.

Reese’s® Outrageous: Though it still features the same chocolatey exterior and peanut butter center as the beloved peanut butter cup, Reese’s® Outrageous bar includes caramel and Reese’s Pieces in its gooey center. It seems as though there’s no wrong way to combine Reese’s® products. Outrageous candy bars are expected as early as May.

Snickers® Flavors: You know that you’re not you when you’re hungry. Snickers® has found a way to satisfy since 1930. They’re adding three new flavors to their product line in 2018, and each limited-edition flavor should give you something to be excited about. Expect to see Espresso, Fiery, as well as Salty and Sweet by next summer.

There are such a wide variety of treats to look forward to this year. Please come back to visit, so you don’t miss on any new releases or additions to our inventory. If you have any questions about new candy for 2018, please contact us today for additional information or further assistance.
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