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Memorial Day Camping Trip Smores Candy

With Memorial Day upon us, it is the unofficial start of summer. Time for camping, campfires, and more importantly, smores! This delicious treat of melted marshmallow, sweet chocolatey goodness, and graham crackers has been a summertime snack staple for generations. We have everything you need to satisfy your craving with smores candy and ways to make the classic into something new and tasty! Here are the top choices for smores candy we offer.


You can’t make a campfire smore without big fluffy marshmallows! When it comes to this sweet treat, the bigger the better. The right marshmallow is a melty delight which will have the perfectly burned outside with the gooey inside that all smores lovers seek in creating the perfect smore.

Hershey’s Chocolate

There is no denying the star of the show when it comes to this campfire delight. It has to be the chocolate and the chocolate has to be Hershey’s chocolate. To use anything less than Hershey’s would be a disgrace to smores lovers the world over.

Milk Chocolate Graham Crackers

When looking to mix things up a bit with some smores candy, chocolate covered graham crackers are the perfect treat. Whether you take this with you on your camping trip for Memorial Day weekend as a new way to roast smores or you eat them to remind you of a smores without the mess, they are a great way to get that summertime treat in your system!

Fruity Marshmallows

If you are roasting smores and looking for new flavor combinations, fruity marshmallows may be the adventure your taste buds seek. A fruity marshmallow on a smores gives you all the things you love about smores but with a new twist. A popular choice is strawberry which you can easily find.

Smores Marshmallow Balls

Of course, some people will be working on Memorial Day and won’t get a chance to gather around a campfire and indulge in this summer time favorite. Should you just chock it up as a loss and say farewell to smores this year? Of course not! With smores marshmallow bites, you can take the campfire flavors with you wherever you are on this holiday or all summer long!
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