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Kids Birthday Party Candy

Kids Birthday Party CandyBirthday Party Candy and Much More
If you or someone you know is celebrating a very special birthday this year, it’s never too early to start stocking up on party supplies. Instead of a traditional cake, try something sweet to jumpstart the sugar rush and get the party started. The beautiful part about birthday parties is that they can have any color scheme or theme you desire. While planning a birthday party, it can be helpful to determine a color scheme first, so you know what to look for. If you decide to add a self-serve candy buffet or dessert table to the festivities, CandyWarehouse.com can help.

No birthday party is complete without a colorful piñata, and this paper-mâché container will surely add a competitive element to the celebrations. Satisfy all the cake smashers with cravings out there by buying a birthday cake piñata or a colorful birthday present piñata. These piñatas do not include candy, so you’ll want to stock up on all your favorite sweets beforehand. Candy is dandy, but there’s nothing quite like a lollipop that can keep your mind and mouth busy. Fidget spinner lollipops are the biggest taste sensation to sweep the nation. Plus, each lollipop provides a fabulously fruity flavor that is sure to inspire hours of edible toy time.

Looking for party favors? Look no further than gummy bear charm bracelets or necklaces. They might not be edible, but children of all ages will love wearing them. Set up your very own photo booth, but don’t forget the props! Guests will love using masquerade hard candy lollipops to disguise themselves, but we guarantee it won’t be long until they can’t help but take a bite. If a petting zoo wasn’t in the budget this year, never fear. Surprise and terrify your guests with a 26-pound party gummy python. Each eight-foot slab of serpentine sweetness is perfect for candy art projects, or you can slice this raw reptile up just like a cake and serve at room temperature, lifelike scales and all.

Make party planning easier for you and everyone involved by letting us cover the design element of your dessert bar. With a rainbow candy buffet kit, you can easily feed between 25 and 50 guests while saving big in the long run. Each candy buffet kit comes with a variety of lollipops, gummies, hard candy sticks, fruit rolls, gumballs, and so much more. Best of all, these kits come with small and large candy containers, party favor bags, tongs, and scoops.
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