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Bazooka Candy Brands

Named after the funny brasswind musical instrument with the crazy sounds, Bazooka bubblegum is a classic chewing delight from the Brooklyn, New York-based Topps Company. An instant favorite in America when it was introduced after World War II, Bazooka's appearance in candy aisles boosted citizens' already strong sense of patriotism with its cheery and bold red, white and blue packaging. In 1950, Topps began injecting their addictive pink chewing treat with humor by printing tiny collectible comics featuring a young character with a stylish eyepatch called Bazooka Joe on the wrapper. For fervent bubblegum-ers with a penchant for collections, Topps would award a gift such as a free telescope in exchange for a collection of a certain number of Bazooka Joe comics. But whether you counted yourself among the comic collectors or not, as an avid masticator you no doubt have plenty of happy memories from childhood involving this famous confection.
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