Autumn Drizzled Chocolate Mini Pretzels: 2LB Bag by Georgia Nut Company

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The average American consumes about 1.5 pounds of pretzels per year. So as the end of this year draws nearer, and you begin to tally up your pretzel consumption, don’t become alarmed to learn you haven’t quite hit your annual quota -- let these fall-themed delights help you out! Delicious, crunchy mini pretzels are smothered in rich milk chocolate, and drizzled with autumnal hues of orange --it’s like Oktoberfest, without all the beer! (Fall, pretzels, come on, we can’t be the only ones who made an Oktoberfest connection!)

And ok, 1.5 pounds isn’t a yearly-recommended amount. It’s just a statistic. But if you ask us, that’s not nearly enough pretzel-eatin’! Come on, America, let’s band together and raise that number… eat this nine pound box of autumn-themed twists and give Germany a run for their pretzel-loving money!

There are approximately 65 pieces per pound.

Bag contains 2 pounds of Autumn Drizzled Milk Chocolate Covered Mini Pretzels Candy.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 2.5 lbs.