Assorted Swirl Jewel Candy Ornaments 6-Foot Garland by Vickerman

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Item #: 133015



A garland is defined as "a decorative wreath or cord," and the original versions were all made of flowers or leaves. But do you know what sort of garlands are our favorite? The ones made of candy!

Of course, any sort of adornment made of delicious confections can’t be expected to last long (hello, who lets sweet sugar sit around untouched for long?), but the upside to this ornament is that it’s actually made of shimmery plastic and glitter swirls! So it stretches for 6 entire feet of terrific, colorful candy designs, without running the risk of being munched on by hungry house guests. Decorate for any special occasion in the sweetest style, with this sparkly swirl jewel candy ornament!

Ornament Length: 6 feet