Super Bubble Gum - Assorted: 300-Piece Tub by Ferrara Candy Company

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When Thomas Brothers Candy Company first started out, they were a small business operating out of a former pickle plant, producing various types of hard candy. Almost 20 years later, they created their very first bubble gum product: the five cent Super Bubble. Thanks to this munchable treat, they quickly burst (excuse the pun) to the top of the candy making scene, and it soon took 750 employees working three shifts to meet the demand for the new product!

Though the formula has changed hands a few times since then, Super Bubble is still made using the same, sweet recipe from the 1940s! Experience the original Super Bubble taste (and all the nostalgia that comes along with it) in this assorted tub of gummy glory. The original flavor is accompanied by two scrumptious later additions to the Super Bubble family: apple and grape. It’s impossible to choose a favorite!
Tub contains 300 pieces of twist wrapped Assorted Super Bubble Gum.

Shipping Weight ~ 5 lbs.