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Archie McPhee

Collectors of Archie McPhee countercultural kitsch rejoice! Archie McPhee candy lets you put your campy, cheesy sense of humor where your mouth is. You think Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is quick with a put-down? He’s got nothing on the rebuffs you’ll find in Shakespearean Insult Gum Packs. Admittedly, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but can the same be said for the banana-flavored novelty candy inside the Sigmund Freud Hard Candy Book? While you’re chewing on that, chew on some Bacon Jelly Beans or a fruit-flavored ball of Existentialist Philosophy Gum. Nothingness never tasted so good! Spread holiday cheer with your signature ironic wit by stuffing stockings with Mac and Cheese Candy Canes. Who can resist this perennial comfort food? And for those very naughty friends and relatives you can’t quite forgive, Candy Warehouse suggests cinnamon-flavored Coal Candy Canes. Pair them up with Archie McPhee Pickle, Bacon, and Gravy Candy Canes for a Christmas surprise they’ll still be talking about come Easter.
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