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Archie McPhee Shakespearean Insult Gum Packs: 7-Piece Set by Archie McPhee

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You’re good at math and science, but comebacks aren’t really your strong suit, making you an easy target when the class clown feels like exercising his comedic skills. Not to worry because Shakespeare’s got your back. Oh you thought The Bard was only about love filled poetry? No way! Shakespeare was the king of the roast with lines like, "His wit as thick as tewkesbury mustard," and "Thy breath stinks with eating toasted cheese." So after you’ve left your class clown defeated, and found new admirers in the audience a.k.a. classroom, you can chew up your victory because each joke enclosed in the seven volumes holds yummy fruit flavored bubblegum.

Works of Shakespeare include:
Richard III
King Lear
Henry V
Romeo & Juliet

Set includes 7 packs of Shakespearean Insult Gum.

Shipping Weight ~ 1/4 lb.