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Annabelle Candy

Family-owned since it began in 1950, Annabelle Candy Company started its sweet legacy with the famous Rocky Road Bar, a handmade marshmallow creation covered in luscious milk chocolate and sprinkled with roasted cashew nuts. Since that first delectable invention, Annabelle Candy went on to craft some of the most deliciously iconic candies in the world, including the low-fat honey-sweetened nougat and roasted peanuts BIG HUNK bars, ABBA-ZABA peanut butter-filled taffy bars, Look! bars which are sweetened with molasses and have a rich, peanut-filled nougat center covered in dark chocolate, and U-NO bars with their chocolate covered, chocolate truffle-like center. For a super-nostalgic and honest to goodness candy treat, take a walk down memory lane and enjoy the full selection in stock at Candy Warehouse.
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