Albert's Halloween Gothic Black Chocolate Roses: 18-Piece Box by Albert's Candy

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Finally, after long last, the perfect flower for celebrating the spookiest of holidays has blossomed! Halloween is all about the creepy, the haunted, and (of course) the delicious, so this holiday, give your gothic love something sweeter than sweet -- a bouquet of chocolate rose blooms! And unlike just any edible arrangement, these roses are wrapped in foils of black, dark enough to suit the hearts of the undead. Even the leaves and stems are black, making them perfect for scary Halloween candy bar designs at parties and events for the holiday. This year, skip the brains and vials of blood and up the ante a little with a fleur noir; aspiring zombies, vampires, and witches alike are sure to be thrilled… to death.

Box contains 18 Halloween Gothic Black Chocolate Roses.

Shipping Weight ~ 6 lbs.