Albert's Candy Powder Filled Plastic Mini Straws - Banana: 240-Piece Bag by Albert's Candy

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Straws have been used to drink liquids since the ancient times. In fact, a Sumerian seal from 3100 B.C.E. depicts two men using ancient straws to sip from a pot! So now we really just want to know why it took until the twentieth century for humankind to start using straws as a means of delivering sweet, sweet candy straight to the mouth!

These fancy plastic straws are packed with delicious powdered candy; simply snip off the top, tilt to your tongue, and let the fantastic banana flavors rain down upon your palate like a torrential downpour of tastiness. Best of all, the vivacious yellow hues of these trendy tubes make them perfect for decorating buffet tables and candy displays! The ancient Sumerians would be jealous.

Tube Length: 4 Inches

Bag contains 240 Yellow Banana Candy Powder Filled Plastic Mini Straws.

Shipping Weight ~ 1/2 lb.